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Renew Counter tops Step-by-Step


Selecting Material                                                                 Template

We offer a variety of granite and marble                                     After choosing your material, the sales representative will

and you can see all the material available at the main                  contact you to schedule the day when the templater can

showroom located in Mendon. Our customer service department    come to your residency to precisely measure your countertop

is more than ready to guide you throughout this process.              using a laser templator.


Template Viewing                                                                  Fabrication

Depending on your material choice, you can actually visualize       Once the templater has measured your counter top, the layout

how your counter top is going to look like. We place your layout    comes to our fabrication department and the cutting phase

on your selected stone matching the best way possibilities on        takes place.

the slab.


Delivery & Installation                                                           Maintenance                                          

Focusing on your investment, our vehicles are completely             The last step but not the least. After going throughout all the steps

adapted to safely delivery your countertop. The New England        before, you will receive a maintenance guide showing the best

team has over 30 years of experience installing counter top.         options to take care of your investment.